Bells Of Klagenfurt

Listen to the majestic sounds of these bells of Klagenfurt, a small town in Austria as you read the following ways bells can be rung. As most of you know the clapper inside or outside the bell is what creates the sound when it strikes this bell metal of which there are many different interesting bell shapes. In change ringing it is the bell that moves in a semicircle by the ringer several stories below that makes the sound. Bells also move back and forth along a smaller plane which engages the clapper either personally or electronically. Sometimes the bell is stationary and ropes are connected to the clappers which are then pulled back striking the metal especially in Russia. In China bells are often struck from the outside by a mallet, soft hammer or large log called a ramrod. Finally carillonneurs ring bells from keyboards where bells remains stationary and the clapper on the outside of the bell is what carillonneur engages by striking the keyboard with the sides of his fist to make it ring. Bells in a carillon are diatonic and need to have more a minimum of 23 bells allowing the carillonneur to play tunes and even add harmony. The largest carillon is at Riverside Church in New York City. It has 74 bells of which range from 10 pounds to 20 tons.

Bells of Klagenfurt

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